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A dictator uses every form of oppression at his disposal in order to sustain his power. The simple sound of his voice can be used to paralyze his subjects from taking any effective action against him and his cohorts. We believe that specific personal actions are needed in order to free ourselves from the everyday oppression of our current President in order to simply live our daily lives. We have decided upon "10 Guidelines of Chastity" as a way to accomplish this. What these guidelines do essentially is coax our minds attention away from "him" and thus towards more important matters. We do not believe that this will make us apathetic, we will stay informed; the difference is that we will not be focused on the symbolic oppression that "he" represents and projects. Please feel free to follow these 10 guidelines and experience the oppression begin to gently lift!


1. Do not listen to one audio transmission of his voice.

2. Do not look at one image of his face.

3. Do not read any transcripts of his speeches unless it's absolutely necessary to stay informed on a specific matter or issue.

4. Do not speak his name. Refer to him as "the plant" or any other name besides his own.

5. Since he cannot be re-elected, do not expend one ounce of energy trying to convince others of his personal shortcomings.

6. Do not visualize his face. If this happens replace it with a face of someone that you do respect.

7. Do not live in a way that supports his ideology. See

8. Do not think of him as our president, but rather as a thief.

9. Do not let negative emotions caused by him persist. Find ways to minimize these, like picturing the day he leaves office at the end of his term. Focus on how to help progressives win power in the future. Recall that he cannot be elected again, and thus draw your attention to other battles.

10. Do not roll over and die. Do not seek to "heal the partisan divide" during his term. Do not accept him in any way as our President.