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I created this site shortly after the second election of the shrub. I had traveled from Columbus to Toledo to watch the election with a good friend of similar political persuasion. We were devastated by the results that night. This man was the opposite of everything I believed in: justice, democracy, tolerance, etc. All of the American ideals that I was taught about in school AND BELIEVED IN were being opposed in one way or another by this man. He cheated in elections, he didn't believe in diplomacy, he allowed torture, and didn't give a damn about the environment. The feelings of anger, resentment and helplessness were so strong that we decided that we had to do something pro-active right away in order to counter those feelings. The idea of living thru another four years of this man being president was impossible to imagine. Sometime the next morning around the moment when my friend was ripping the Kerry sticker off the bumper of his car, in the bitter cold parking lot of his apartment, is when we came up with some of the kindling for the Living Without Bush concept. Soon after we created the website and began attempting to live by the chastity rules. I have to attest that it really worked in getting me through those first couple of months and now more than a year later it's become a habit that I don't even have to think about...and I can honestly say I feel free from his wrath. I believe that living by these guidelines can truly lower the stress levels of any BUSH HATING PROGRESSIVE!!!

Ryan Shaffer
Co-creator of LivingWithoutBush

Shortly after the 2004 election, I felt I needed a support group because I was so sad. I said that I would never be interested in the news again. I am certainly failing at that and getting madder by the day! What the hell is wrong with this country and our "leaders"? We impeached a president because of a sexual act and a follow-up lie about it and the shrub and his cohorts are getting by with crimes and worse by getting our people killed daily? I am so outraged that I want to scream it from my roof!

Cindy Gilroy
Omaha, NE

Have you taken the "Vow of Chastity" and would like to share your experience? Please use this area to post your thoughts and feelings.

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